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Can You Freeze Avocados? How to Store Avocados After You Cut It?

The perfectly ripe avocados have a short lifespan – it’s even shorter when it’s left exposed to the air after slicing. Here’s how to prolong it.

It seems everyone’s talking about avocados these day. Not surprised as these are rich, creamy with a mild buttery flavor that are also easy to mash, dice and slice for a quick and healthy snack! These avocados are not only versatile (and delicious!) but are also packed with nutrition that you could basically classify them as “superfood”!

What’s not to like about avocados, right? Truth be told, there’s nothing perfect in this world, not even avocados. Avocados may appeal to people with its creamy texture and abundant nutrition but not so with its storage methods – How to store avocados to their full potential?

Whether the storage method is to ripen the hard under-ripe avocados for optimal consumption or to extend the lifespan of ripe avocados that’s been cut, these storage tips have got you covered!

So what is the ideal way to store these precious little fruits that will allow them to ripen to their full potential? And what’s the best way to extend the lifespan of cut avocados?

How to Store Whole Avocado

Storing of avocado, whether it’s whole or cut, is simple. It all starts with the level of ripeness.No matter if you purchased firm avocados that are not ready to eat, or ripe and ready to eat avocados, you’ll always have options for storing them and making them last even longer than expected!

Make a quick guess: If you planned on ripening a whole firm, unripe avocado so that you could consume within a few days, where do you think would be the best place to store these avocados? Turns out, the counter in your kitchen is the best place to store whole avocados if you plan to eat them within a few days after purchase. If they are breaking, they will be ready to eat in 1-2 days. If very firm, they will be ready for smoothies or salads in 3 days and 4 days if you’re making guacamole!

Why placing at the counter works? That way you’re allowing them to breathe, which is crucial if you want them to ripen fast! But just be careful not to place them near fruits such as bananas, apples and pears. All these fruits produce ethylene gas, which accelerates ripening.

If you’d like to take a notch further to accelerate the ripening process, you could always stash an unripe avocado in a paper bag, along with a banana or an apple. That’s if you’re really in a rush to use the unripe avocado. Just take note of the color change of the avocado that could happen quicker than expected – 1 to 2 days faster than the conventional ways of ripening! This is to avoid unnecessary food disposal!

Another storage method would be to use your fridge! Firm, uncut avocados can be safely stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. They will continue to ripen while in the refrigerator, but at a slower pace. However, depending on the level of ripeness, if they are breaking (softer feel, 3/4 ripe) they will be ripe sooner than if they are very firm.

Once ripe, or nearly so, you can put the avocado in the fridge to extend its life. ripe, uncut avocados can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week! They will continue to ripen but at a slower pace! If you happen to buy many of them at a go and will only be able to eat a few a time, then pop them in the fridge and put them back on the counter when you want them to ripen for consumption.

As you can see, you could plan and adjust how ripe or “done” you’d like your avocados to be just by tuning the storage method! It just depends on the level of ripeness!

How to Store Cut Avocados

Ripe Cut Avocado on Grey Washed Backdrop

Once cut, there are a few tips and tricks that you could employ to keep the flesh green for as long as possible. Brown flesh, however, isn’t as bad as you might think, you’d just have to cut around the bruised spots or the black “veiny” streaks. However, please discard the avocado if it’s discolored throughout.

If you cut the avocado into half and you’re eating only half of it, use the half without the pit (or seed) first. While the pit doesn’t do much to prevent the spoilage of avocados, its presence actually prevents oxygen from getting to some portion of the flesh – and oxygen is what causes oxidation, or browning. Rub a little lemon or squeeze lime juice on the remaining visible avocado flesh and then tightly wrap the hole thing in plastic wrap. That way, you could get an extra day or two to enjoy the cut avocado!

Some suggest submerging the cut avocado in a container of water, covered, and refrigerating to extend its lifespan for a few more days. However, by doing so, you risk the avocado losing its rich creaminess in the mix. Avoid using olive oil as a barrier between the avocado and the air. This method is not only ineffective, but it also leaves behind unwanted flavor.

Another trick you could employ is reach for an onion, place it in a reusable container along with the uneaten half of the avocado and seal the lid and refrigerate the container. It doesn’t matter if the onion is sliced or as wedges.

Lastly, if you have gone far ahead to making the most famous of avocado dips such as the Guacamole, simply press the plastic wrap directly on top of the guacamole, then wrap the bowl. You know what keep the guacamole from oxidation? That’s right – lime juice! This way your guacamole should be able to last one or two days longer!

How to Freeze Avocados For Smoothies?

If you’d like to store the newly-bought ripe avocados from the get-go for as long as possible (1-2 months), I’d recommend storing the avocados in your freezer; freezing avocados in your refrigerator for smoothies! Listed below are the steps which you could follow on how to store these wonderful creamy fruits:

  1. Making sure the avocados which you’re freezing are ripe. This ensures that you have much easier effort later on when peeling the avocados
  2. Wash the avocados under warm running water with the skin still intact
  3. Cut the avocados in half and remove the seed. Safety tip: remove the pit gently by working a spoon under the seed to separate it from the fruit
  4. Peel the avocado by cutting it in quarters and removing the skins
  5. Take the avocado quarters and dice them to make it easier on your blender later on when you’re making your smoothie. Transfer the diced avocados in a resealable freezer bag (ensure all air is removed from the bag before closing!) then place the bag in your freezer.
  6. When you’re ready to use these frozen avocados, simply take them out and put them in the blender with all your other smoothie ingredients. Blend and enjoy!

Does Avocado Go Bad

Yes, an avocado will spoil. In fact, avocado degrades faster than you expected – it takes a few days (2-3 days) after ripened before the fruit starts to spoil – especially if you leave it on the kitchen countertop unrefrigerated.

How to Know if Avocado Has Gone Bad

You may start wondering how to determine if an avocado has gone passed its prime and is rotten. Here are some signs to find out if your avocado has spoilt:

  • Avocado with overly soft and dented skin
  • Blackened skin
  • Dark, vein-y flesh
  • Mold
  • Off flavor or odd odor

In Conclusion

So there you have it! These are the tips and tricks required to keep these little creamy wonders for as long as possible! Whether it’s knowing how to store ripe avocados or unripe ones, this post has got you equipped with the right knowledge to keep your next avocado fresh for as long as possible! These little creamy, yet butter-y fruits are known for their flavor and nutrition value, hence often classified a class higher than most food, “superfood”. If we take care of these avocados properly, they will protect us from health-related issues! So let’s do our part and care for these little jems with love!


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