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How to Know When to Pick Lemons? Tips on How to Pick Lemons at the Store

Lemons are sour, zesty, juicy fruits that are delicious in all sorts of sweet and savoury dishes. Follow this guide to discover how to select the freshest lemon possible.

Have you ever gone to your local grocery store to pick up some nice yellow lemons which you thought would be juicy, only to cut them half at home to find that they’re mostly rind or nearly dry?

Don’t worry as this post has got you covered – from the things to look out for to the things you should avoid when picking lemons right from the shelf.

It’s important to look out for these indicators if you’re on the hunt for fresh and ripe lemons either for juicing, cooking or baking. These indicators include:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Weight

We all know lemons are bright yellow (indicating freshness and ripeness), but did you know there are some lemons that have a tinge of green? These lemons are not special, but just underripe! Avoid pale lemons as they are often referred as lemons which are old and have gone past their prime.


The next sign which we should look out for when picking a good lemon is the texture. Good lemons shouldn’t have blemishes or wrinkles on them, but instead they have smooth, firm and shiny texture. Again, lemons with wrinkles just means that these lemons are old!


Hold two to three lemons of the same type, one at a time, in the palm of your hand. Compare their weights and choose the one that are heavy for its size. This usually means that particular lemon is full of juices.

Bonus Tip to Pick Out the Juiciest Lemons

Usually when you’re out getting your fresh produce, squeezing the fruits is a big no-no, especially avocados as you’d end up bruising the precious gem. But when it comes to picking the best lemon from the shelf, you have to bend the rules!

Pick one lemon up and gently press it with your thumb to see if the lemon is soft or hard! The juiciest lemons are always going to be the ones that give a little when you squeeze them. Why? Because these soft lemons have less pith, and hence could contain more juices.


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