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How to Pick Iceberg Lettuce? Tips on How to Choose Iceberg Lettuce at the Store

Choosing iceberg lettuce has never been easier! Read this guide on how to select the best iceberg lettuce at the fruit stall.

For many people, when it comes to iceberg lettuce, “Does iceberg lettuce have any nutritional value” and “How many carbs are there in iceberg lettuce” are 2 common questions getting asked. They are indeed important, but in today’s article, I’d like to draw your attention to an area of iceberg lettuce that is often overlooked – the selection of iceberg lettuce. Not only will choosing the best iceberg lettuce beneficial to your body in terms of nutritional value yield but the texture and color will also be retained, indicating freshness and quality of produce!

If your priorities have changed after reading that, do read and follow through to the end of this article to find out tips on how to choose your next best iceberg lettuce at the store.

Physical Appearance

You first want to look out for iceberg lettuce heads with dark green outer leaves intact with no rust and wilt. These are great indicators that the iceberg lettuces are fresh and in their prime. Avoid lettuce heads with leaves that show signs of browning or wilting or slimy spots.

Take note: Some holes on lettuce do not necessarily mean it’s wilted. Instead, these holes are common in crops raised without sprays.


Another important sign to look out for when buying the best iceberg lettuce is crisp freshness. The iceberg lettuce should be compact and firm, yet springy. Also, choose iceberg lettuce that is symmetrically shaped. If the iceberg lettuce is no longer fresh, it won’t have this quality and can even spoil the salad or hamburger in which it is included.

Take note: Iceberg lettuce with heads that are very hard maybe over-mature and bitter. The stem end of the lettuce head may look brown but this discoloration is the natural result of harvesting and not an indicator of damage.


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