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How to Select Good Oranges? Tips on Choosing the Juiciest Ripe Oranges

One of the most rewarding moments comes from choosing good oranges from your local market. Choose the freshest and juiciest ripe oranges every time by following this guide!

Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, oranges are a sweet and delicious treat year-round and a very versatile fruit in your kitchen. If you’re looking to pick the best freshest ripe oranges, make sure it’s from your local market!

However, there’s nothing worse than bringing home a bag of supposedly juicy oranges, only to realize that half of them aren’t what they seem to be. Dry with little juices yield. But what if I told you it’s actually pretty easy to select good oranges; be it picking out good mandarin oranges or selecting good navel oranges, this guide has got you covered! Here are some secrets to ensuring the most delicious and juiciest picks:

Physical Texture

If possible, give the oranges a squeeze when you’re down at the local market! In general, the tastiest and juiciest orange – regardless of the variety – will be firm, bright-colored, smooth, and thin-skinned. Avoid those that are too soft, show even the slightest signs of mold or those that you think might have bruises. Oranges that show slight scratches on the skin may not necessarily be bad; they happen when oranges rub against the tree branches during windy weather!


Regardless of the variety, your oranges should be bright in color. For navels, look for a vivid, solid orange hue. Ripe Valencias variety might have a bit of greenish tinge as they reabsorb chlorophyll while hanging on trees during the warm months!

Season Picking

As one of the classic reminders when it comes to choosing the best produce, make sure you pick an orange variety that is in season. Navel oranges, taste freshest from midwinter to early spring. Valencias are their juicy best from late spring to midsummer. And with blood oranges, they are in their prime from early winter until early spring!


Lastly, the weight of the orange should never be an overlooked factor! Before you actually purchase one, pick one of the oranges up in your hand, then feel the weight. This heaviness indicates how much juice is in the orange! Don’t be afraid to give it a little sniff near the pit of the orange! The sweetest and ripest fruits will emit the scent of their juices through the skin.


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